Pete Ross is an award winning Hong Kong artist. In 2013 he won the People's Prize at Asia Contemporary and was selected in 2017 as 40 under 40 creative leaders of today and tomorrow. His work has been exhibited in Hong Kong, London and New York and he is currently represented by Blue Lotus Gallery.


Pete Ross was born in Hong Kong in 1985 and grew up in one of the densest and most rapidly developing cities in the world. Captivated by the constant evolving city, Pete was drawn towards architecture and its relation with people during a time of change and political uncertainty as the territory struggled to find its identity and forge its future.

Pete is now a RIBA architect in Hong Kong with a keen interest in socio-urban interactions. His art focuses on his thoughts and observations on his home town Hong Kong and the seeming juxtaposition of the masterplan city and the unpredictable nature of people. His style uses traditional, detailed drawing techniques in contrast to urban stencil work. He brings to the forefront cultural mixes, diversity, memory and contradictions of city life, drawing from his own inspirations of Chinese and Western art. His work often references old ways of life, traditions and cultures against the fast paced perceptions of modern life and poses questions to the viewer of our own sense of belonging and identity within an ever-changing urban landscape. His artwork has been exhibited in numerous exhibitions and art fairs in Hong Kong.  

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